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My Role

Graphic Designer




2022 — Present

InVision Studio is a new powerful tool where you can design, prototype and animate your projects easily. One of InVision’s initiatives is the Design Forward Fund, a $5 million fund dedicated to investing in the future of design. I’m happy to say that my idea was among several selected for implementation and shortly after the initial interviews, we began shaping requirements for the Basic UX project.


Our goal was to create an extensive library of components and assets to help designers wireframe their web projects faster. Over the course of 5 months I designed more than 400 layout components in 30 categories (each prepared for desktop, tablet & phone screens), 128 icons, 56 user journey map elements and over 100 user interface elements. You can easily customize and combine them when working on your wireframes.


Aside from that, I was in touch with the Director of Product and the InVision tech team to report issues and bugs that I found within the software, as well as to propose improvements regarding certain functionalities. It was exciting to see how the product evolved and improved with each update during this short time.

Client Testimonial


"We had poor graphics and very little content and structure for this project, but Damian helped us to design an outstanding online shop by creating amazingness out of nothing. The bespoke design for Desktops, Tablets and Smartphones was delivered in such a way that our developers were able to convert it into HTML/CSS in no time. When you work with Damian you work with a professional designer who understands the limitations and implications between design and code. Chris Knellwolf —"

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